The Spencer Farm Supply, located on South Pacific, was incorporated in September 1962 by Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Bruesewitz as a family corporation. They purchased th O. W. Trindal Co. feed elevator which was built by O.W. Tridal of Loyal and had opened for business in November of 1928. The first manager, Jim Redwood, was followed by Glen Shupe who retired in 1960 after having served31 years ( 1929 to 1960) Edgar Brodish then served as manager until MrTrindal disposed of the business.

Originally the feed mill ground the farmers ‘grain, put it back in sacks and sold sacked bran-oil meal which the farmer took home himself. Eventually a feed mixer was added and the building expanded to the south adjacent to the mill. Times have greatly changed in the feed business; Very little business is now done in sack material, mostly bulk delivery to and from the farm.

After spencer Farm Supply came into existence, a large 5 ½ ton mixer and 2 ½ to mixer were installed. Bulk holding bins for direct loading into trucks were added, In 1973 storage bins to hold another 250 ton of bulk feed were added with more floor space being added to the north end of the building. The company at this time had two pick-up trucks for farm pickup and delivery. They had a service radius of 15 miles around Spencer. Spencer Farm Supply had two main lines of concentrates, one line of seed, one line of fertilizer and 6 empoleyees working at the time.