GFS Big Bucks Deluxe

A mineral formulated to help with horn growth and maintaining a healthier deer year around.

GFS Critter Chow

A texturized feed that can be fed to wildlife. It is composed of feed that can be beneficial to all wildlife, from the deer down to the field mouse.

Deer Plot Planting

Products Available at General Farm Supply

  • Austrian Winter Peas
  • Buckwheat
  • Chicory
  • Clovers- Red & White
  • Deer Mineral
  • Fertilizers
  • Forage Radish
  • GFS Deer Plot Mix
  • Kale
  • Rape
  • Redmond Salt Blocks
  • Soybeans
  • Sugar Beets
  • Turnips

Food Plot Seeding Rate

Austrian Winter Peas 50 lbs/acre
Buckwheat 50 lbs/acre
Chicory 3-4 lbs/acre
Clovers - Red and White 3-5 lbs/acre
Forage Radishes 5-10 lbs/acre
GFS Deer Plot Mix 10 lbs/acre
Kale 8-10 lbs/acre
Rape 8-10 lbs/acre
Soybeans 1 bag/acre
Sugar Beets 2-4 lbs/acre
Turnips 2-3 lbs/acre

**Seeding rate are estimates based on ideal growing climate and soil conditions

Alisike Clover

  • Plant 3-5 lbs/Acre—prefersun
  • Plant March- May or August- October
  • Good for poorly drained, low pH soils
  • Perennial

Red Clover

  • Plant 3-5 lbs/Acre
  • Likes Sun or Shade
  • Plant March- May or August- October
  • Perennial

GFS Deer Plot Mix

  • Rape and Clover Mix Including
  • Red Clover, 2 Varieties of Ladino and 2 Varieties of Dutch White
  • Plant May- August
  • Does well in wet, shaded areas
  • Perennial- Clovers

Ladino Clover

  • Plant 3-5lbs/ Acre
  • Does well in cool, wet, and shade
  • Plant March- May or August- October
  • Perennial


  • Forage contains 18-30% crude protein
  • Cold tolerant for late fall grazing
  • Plant from April – August
  • Brassica- Annual


  • Forage contains up to 25% Crude Protein
  • Sandy Loam to light clay soils
  • Plant from May – September
  • Brassica- Annual


  • Protein levels range form 10-32%
  • Drought Tolerant
  • High mineral content
  • Plant from April-August
  • Perennial- weather permitting

Austrian Winter Peas

  • Fast growing pea that will attract deer to a plot soon after germination making it a favorite of bow hunters
  • Plant from September- October
  • Annual

Forage Radishes

  • Fast growing with significant root mass
  • Highly palatable, preferred by deer
  • Plant from August-September
  • Brassica- Annual


  • Fast growing with significant root mass
  • The first hard frost makes the plants sweet
  • Plant from May – August
  • Brassica- Annual

Sugar Beets

  • Deer eat the foliage and the roots
  • The first hard frost makes the plant sweet and more palatable to deer
  • Plant from April- August
  • Annual


  • High in Protein (20-40%)
  • Eaten by deer throughout the summer
  • Plant from May - July
  • Annual