Hubbard Life Cat Stars

Hubbard® Life Cat Stars Cat Food is a balanced diet with star shaped morsels that provides every essential nutrient for every stage of your cat’s life. Hubbard Life Cat Stars is fortified with taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, to aid in the prevention of blindness and heart muscle disease. High quality chicken, liver, fish, and egg protein have been added for extra taste appeal.

Hubbard Life Country Balance 21/8

Hubbard® Life Country Balance® Dog Food is an economical yet complete and balanced food that is ideal for moderately active dogs.

Hubbard Life Happy Hound 27/15

Hubbard® Life Happy Hound is a convenient, complete and balanced, bite-sized food with a superior meat formula for your active, hard-working adult dog. Hubbard Life Happy Hound is fortified with high levels of fat to help meet the energy requirements and provide the essential fatty acids of the active dog.

Hubbard Life High Energy 24/20

Hubbard® Life High Energy Dog Food is a premium high protein, high energy, soy-free dog food that provides all the nutrition dogs need. Hubbard Life High Energy is formulated to meet the higher nutritional needs of the active, hardworking dog. This complete, nutrient dense diet promotes sleeker coats, sound skeletal development and top performance.

Hubbard Life Maintenance 22/12

Hubbard® Life Maintenance dog food is a complete and well balanced dog food for older or less active dogs. A maintenance diet for dogs that are not active on a day-to-day basis. Hubbard Life Maintenance dog food supplies all of the necessary nutrients for good health while providing a diet that is lower in protein, fat and calories.

Hubbard Life Premium Adult 26/18

Hubbard® Life Premium Adult Dog Food is a nutrient dense, complete, balanced and soy-free diet for sporting or hunting dogs under hardworking conditions, outdoor dogs in cold climates, dogs recuperating from illness or injury, pregnant or nursing females and stressed dogs that require a specialized source of nutrition.

Rabbit Hubbard Familyettes

Hubbard® Life Rabbit Feeds are formulated with quality ingredients, including high quality alfalfa meal to help provide optimal nutrition for all life stages and optimal levels of lysine and methionine for muscle growth and fur quality. Rabbit Familyettes is ideal for the milking doe and her young, growing rabbits, meat-producing rabbits, fur-producing or show rabbits and breeding bucks. It is the recommended diet for the rabbit producer who uses only one product.