Elk Mound

Elk Mound Seed offers seed corn, alfalfa, clovers, forage grasses, cover crops, small grains & pea blends. They also carry lawn seed, food plot seed, wildflower & Prairie grass seed.

Golden Harvest

With company roots dating back to the mid-1800s, the Golden Harvest brand draws on a rich heritage that has combined genetics, agronomy and service to bring high-quality corn hybrids and soybean varieties to growers since its earliest days.

La Crosse Seeds

La Crosse Seed has paired an unmatched portfolio of high quality forage, cover crop and turf seed with knowledgeable and experienced sales and support staff since 1919. They distribute premium seed and related products through dealers across the Midwest and beyond.


Founded in 1999, family-owned and independently operated business has grown from humble beginnings. Through the years, they have expanded their seed crop offerings to ensure the best genetics and traits. They focus on local soils and growing environments throughout our footprint.


NEXGROW® Genetics offers ultimate flexibility with our extensive line of conventional, Roundup Ready® and HarvXtra®alfalfa seed allowing you to achieve top yield potential and high forage quality.


They invest heavily in research and technology to deliver you the best products in the world. If you’re not working with them, consider the benefits Renk can bring to your farm. They are a farm family who’s in it for the long haul and they’re all about getting you results.

LG Seeds

At LG Seeds, we partner with a professional network of highly trained and engaged dealers located in the regions we serve. Why? This team approach lets us focus on what we do best — bringing leading genetics to market — while our dealers provide "feet on the farm" expertise, getting to know each operation as if it were their own. At LG Seeds, we put our leading-edge research, hybrids, and experts to work for you- because when it comes to your success, We Mean Business.

GFS Deer Plot Seeds

Our own mixes to bring in the deer right up to your deer stand or we can custom make to your liking.

GFS Lawn Seeds

All varieties for all sorts of soil types or lawn types. We can even mix to your liking to make your lawn feel like you are walking on a green carpet.