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General Farm Supply Inc. provides quality nutrition service and high-quality products since 1962. Our driven sales team strives toaccommodate our customers with the adoption of new technologies and better farm management practices to reach your production goals while ensuring probability! General Farm Supply Inc. has strong partnerships with many research-based companies. Together we have developed lines of program products and tailored feeds.

16% Pig Meal

A meal for swine feed that is formulated for growing to finishing hogs.

Show-Rite® 17.9%

Our GFS Show-Rite® 17.9% mix is a custom mix that is used for show pigs. It is a ground meal that enhances appetite and enhances daily weight gain along with muscle shape and expression in show pigs. Our 17.9% pig feed is balanced protein and energy source.

Show 15% Pig

Our 15% ground show pig feed is designed to help soften or tone down heavier muscled pigs.

20% Pig Starter

GFS 20% Pig Starter is our custom mix for piglets in the transition of being weaned or right after weaning. This ensures that the pig will make a smooth transition at weaning and have good growth performance.

Show Pig Feeds

Show Pig Supplements