Animal Nutrition

Have certified nutritionists that are knowledgeable in helping you find out what your animal or animals need to maintain or improve health.

Balance Animal Diets

Have certified nutritionists that are well versed in balancing feed diets to maximize production.

Bagging Feed

Feed Mill has two bagging systems allowing us to bag a range of feed types.

Deliver Bulk Feed

General Farm Supply has three bulk truck allowing to deliver bulk feed out to customers.

Grinding Feed

Feed Mill is equipped with a grind which allows us to grind feed to create ground feed for our customers.

Mixing Feed

Feed Mill contains 4 mixers. 3 upright and 1 horizontal mixers to mix to our customers’ needs allowing high quality feed that helps maximize production for our customers.

Weekly Route Truck Delivery

Having a route truck allows us to deliver to our customers weekly. We have divided our area of service into 5 routes, one for each day of the week. If you would like to find out which day we will be in your area please call our spencer office at 715-659-4441 or 1-800-756-6588.