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General Farm Supply Inc. provides quality nutrition service and high-quality products since 1962. Our driven sales team strives toaccommodate our customers with the adoption of new technologies and better farm management practices to reach your production goals while ensuring probability! General Farm Supply Inc. has strong partnerships with many research-based companies. Together we have developed lines of program products and tailored feeds.

Critter Chow

Our multi-species grain mix is used corn, black sunflowers, raw beans mixed with liquid molasses.

12% All Stock

Used as a sweet feed in a blend of rolled corn and oats with roughage products is the perfect mix for horses, sheep and goats.

Show Lamb

Complete feed specifically designed to maximize muscle development and provide an ideal handle while maintaining enough fat cover for the extra-smooth finish in show lambs.

Show Lamb & Goat Feeds

Show Lamb & Goat Supplements