Show Rite® 40-90 Pig

Show-Rite® Grower 40-90 is a pelleted feed designed to optimize frame, skeletal development, and muscularity for pigs weighing 40-90 pounds. The perfect transition feed from a starter or as you first purchase your show pigs and get them home.

Show Rite® Fat-N-Fluffy Pig

Show-Rite Fat-N-Fluffy is a specialized blend of fat sources encapsulated within dairy proteins to provide increased palatability and optimal intake while enhancing bloom and sheen.

Show Rite® M-N-M

Muscle-In-Motion is a carefully formulated top-dress designed for optimal muscle expression and fleshiness while maintaining soundness and flexibility in show animals. Incorporate the latest in animal nutrition technologies with good animal husbandry practices for maximum performance.

Show Rite® Nutribase

Show-Rite® NutriBase 400 A Plus combines the winning formulation of the Show-Rite beef program with the latest nutritional technologies from Alltech in a concentrate that allows customers to use their own corn, oats and fiber sources to create creep, growing and finishing rations.

Show Rite® Stretch

Stretch is a multi-species product designed to increase expansion of the belly. It can be used the day of the show or a few days before, or it can be added to a holding ration weeks prior to the show. It can be fed by itself or added to the feed ration. It comes in a pellet and, when using one-part Stretch to one-part water, it will expand to three times its beginning size. For even more expansion results, continue to add water. Stretch also contains probiotics to help digestion.

Show Rite® Team 18 Pig

Show-Rite® Team 18 is economically friendly meal feed to use from 125 pounds to show day.

Show Rite® Throttle Up Beef

Show-Rite® Throttled Up is a high-energy, high-fat complete feed formulated to maximize animal performance and provide the “bloom” and smooth finish needed to “go for the purple.”

Show Rite® Accent

Show-Rite Accent combines a number of Alltech ingredients into one high-profile, immunity-building product. Formulated specifically for sheep, goats, beef cattle and swine, Accent offers the ability to enhance daily health in an all-natural form without any drug restrictions.

Show Rite® Cruiser B30 Beef

Show-Rite Cruiser is a high-fiber, complete growing feed formulated to achieve frame and muscle growth while maintaining “bloom.” Cruiser can also be used to maintain “bloom” of market cattle once they have achieved the desired level of finish.

Show Rite® Depth N Demension Pig

Show-Rite® Depth ‘N’ Dimension is carefully formulated for optimal growth and performance. Show-Rite Depth ‘N’ Dimension is a meal form and incorporates the latest nutritional knowledge with good animal husbandry practices for maximum performance.

Show Rite® EZ Tone Pig

Show-Rite® EZ Tone Finisher is a pelleted feed designed to add body and finish to heavier muscled pigs. Need to soften or tone down a heavy muscled one? EZ Tone will help on both. Can be fed to pigs weighing 150 pounds to show weight.

Show Rite® Pig 10

Show-Rite® Show Pig 10.0 A2 is a grind and mix premix to be used at home or to make custom rations. This great premix allows you to build rations from a 19% to a 16%. Easy to use and highly successful.

GFS Show Rite® Lamb

A texturized feed specifically designed to maximize muscle development and provide an ideal handle, while maintaining enough fat cover for an extra smooth finish. Feed at the rate of 1 to 5 pounds per head per day. This feed contains Bovatec.

GFS Show Rite® Developer Beef

A texturized product, high-fiber, complete growing feed formulated to achieve frame and muscle growth. Feed at the rate of 2.5% of body weight along with good quality roughage.

GFS Show Rite® Finisher Beef

Texturized, high-energy, high-fat complete finishing feed formulated to maximize animal performance. Feed to finishing steers and market heifers weighing approximately 750 pounds to finish.

GFS Show Rite® 17-9 Pig feed

Complete feed to be fed as the sole ration in a meal form.

Show Rite® NewCo Lamb

Show-Rite NewCo Lamb Feed D22.7 is a complete feed specifically designed to maximize muscle development and provide an ideal handle while maintaining enough fat cover for the extra-smooth finish. It is formulated with Alltech technology to support a healthy digestive tract and immune system.

Show Rite® Rite Fiber

Show-Rite® Rite Fiber is a pelleted source of fiber, including corn cob, that is an effective way to develop body mass and rib shape. Show-Rite Rite Fiber provides the optimum in trace mineral nutrition by using Total Replacement Technology™ (TRT), including highly bioavailable (Bio-Plex®), all-organic trace minerals. Rite Fiber is ideal for keeping cattle eating and full.

Show Rite® Crave-It

High-energy electrolyte for all classes of livestock. Formulated with Crave-It to increase consumption.

Show Rite Herd Builder

Show-Rite® Herd Builder Goat Grower accelerates growth and development in doe kids, show does, donor does and breeding age bucks. Ideal ration for maintaining body condition and maximizing frame growth in breeding show does and bucks.